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The Soka Gakkai Dictionary of Buddhism


1 results of : Gosho
[御書] ( Jpn)

The individual and collected writings of Nichiren (1222-1282). Gosho literally means honorable writings; go is an honorific prefix, and sho means writings. In general the word is used in Japanese as an honorific for certain books and writings, particularly for those of the founders and patriarchs of some Buddhist schools. Nikko, Nichiren's successor, used the word gosho to refer to Nichiren's works and made efforts to collect, copy, and preserve them as sacred texts. As a result, a remarkable number of Nichiren's works have been passed down to the present, and many are extant in his own hand. In terms of content, the Gosho may be divided into four groups: (1) treatises setting forth doctrine, (2) writings remonstrating with government authorities, (3) letters offering advice, encouragement, or consolation to believers, or written in answer to questions (many in this category also include expressions of gratitude for offerings and support received), and (4) written records of Nichiren's oral teachings, including his lectures on the Lotus Sutra.