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The Soka Gakkai Dictionary of Buddhism


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conspicuous benefit
[顕益] ( Jpn ken’yaku )

Benefit that appears in clearly recognizable form. The term is used in contrast with inconspicuous benefit, or benefit that accumulates over a period of time and is not immediately recognizable. The Teaching, Practice, and Proof, a work by Nichiren (1222-1282), states: "Those who obtained benefit during the Former and Middle Days of the Law received 'conspicuous' benefit, because the relationship they formed with the Lotus Sutra during the lifetime of the Buddha had finally matured. On the other hand, those born today in the Latter Day of the Law receive the seeds of Buddhahood for the first time, and their benefit is therefore 'inconspicuous'" (474). This passage explains conspicuous benefit as the benefit of the Buddhism of the harvest (Shakyamuni's teachings), and inconspicuous benefit as that of the Buddhism of sowing (Nichiren's teachings).