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The Soka Gakkai Dictionary of Buddhism


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three treasures
[三宝] (Skt triratna or ratna-traya; Jpn sambo )

The three things that all Buddhists should revere and serve. They are the Buddha, the Law (the Buddha's teachings), and the Buddhist Order (community of believers). In Sanskrit, they are known as Buddha, Dharma, and Samgha. The Buddha is one who is awakened to the truth of life and the universe. The Dharma, or Law, means the teachings that the Buddha expounds in order to lead all people to enlightenment. The Samgha, or Buddhist Order, is the group of persons who practice the Buddha's teachings, preserve the Law, spread it, and transmit it to future generations. The three treasures are endowed with the power to free people from all sufferings and lead them to enlightenment. Traditionally, upon becoming a Buddhist, one vowed to believe in and devote oneself to the three treasures.