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Minobu Transfer Document, The
[身延相承書] (Jpn Minobu-sojo-sho )

Also known as The Document for Entrusting the Law that Nichiren Propagated throughout His Life. A document written by Nichiren at Minobu in the ninth month of 1282, about a month before his death, transferring the entirety of his teachings to Nikko. Together with The Ikegami Transfer Document, also known as The Document for Entrusting Minobu-san, written on the thirteenth day of the tenth month, 1282, it is one of the two transfer documents by Nichiren specifying the transmission of his teachings to Nikkoand designating him as his successor.

The originals of these documents in Nichiren's own hand are not extant. Criticisms arose, therefore, as to the legitimacy of Nikkobeing viewed as Nichiren's designated successor. Records support the authenticity of the content of these documents, however, and the circumstances under which they were lost in the midst of a military conflict in 1581 are clearly noted. A copy each of the transfer documents made by Nisshin (1508-1576) of Yobo-ji temple, Kyoto, is extant. There are also records in which other priests read the original two transfer documents.