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Many Treasures
[多宝如来] (Skt Prabhutaratna; Jpn Taho-nyorai)

A Buddha depicted in the Lotus Sutra. Many Treasures appears, seated within his treasure tower, in order to lend credence to Shakyamuni's teachings in the sutra. According to the "Treasure Tower" (eleventh) chapter of the Lotus Sutra, Many Treasures Buddha lives in the World of Treasure Purity in the east. While still engaged in bodhisattva practice, he pledges that, even after entering nirvana, he will appear with his treasure tower in order to attest to the validity of the Lotus Sutra, wherever it might be taught. In the "Treasure Tower" chapter, Shakyamuni assembles all the Buddhas from the ten directions. He then opens the treasure tower and, at the invitation of the Buddha Many Treasures, seats himself beside this Buddha. Shakyamuni then employs his supernatural powers to lift the assembly into the air, and the sequence of events known as the Ceremony in the Air begins. See also Ceremony in the Air.